Perry Design Founded back in 2000, after finishing interior design studies with honors. Specialise in the private sector, planning and designing high end apartments and homes both in Israel and abroad. “Every space I create is carefully planned and designed, in order to make sure the spatial foundations of each project, are solid and long lasting”. Make sure for separate the public and personal spaces according the required program and your daily life and make the best effort to create spaces that are both practical and aesthetic. My spaces will forever be harmonious and will reflect your personal style in the best possible way. For every project I create a unique design concept, including a color and material scheme and carefully curated styling choices. I believe in originality and creativity and dedicate my time and attention to creating unique, distinct and custom made spaces while maintaining a coherent look throughout each project.

About Perry Hadar
My diverse and interdisciplinary background as a makeup artist, fashion designer, healer, coacher, artist, painter and interior designer, allows me to use my rich experience and the different tools and knowledge I acquired in my projects. It enables me a better connection with the human spirit and the different emotional needs that may arise throughout the design process, as well as a deep understanding of composition, light, color, form and space. The common ground for all of these diverse fields is the ability to transform the blank canvas I receive in to a beautiful and unique creation, I am am excited to walk alongside you in this exciting path. My unique view lies in the eternal connection between the material and physical with the spiritual energy of my clients. I believe in combining the two worlds, feeling your energy and spirit, listening carefully to your desires and dreams and translating it to spatial elements, colors and materials. Your project will be tailor made especially for you, in order to reflect your internal thoughts, hopes, desires and personal style to expose its physical form.